Is Nikki maxwell real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, she's just a fictional character, but I think her characteristics might be impacted by Rachel Renee Russell, because her daughter's name is Nikki.

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Q: Is Nikki maxwell real
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What are Nikki Maxwell's Family names?

Nikki Maxwell's family names are Maxwell. She has a younger sister, Brianna, and her parents are named Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell.

When is Nikki maxwell birthday?

when is Nikki reeds birthday

Who does Nikki maxwell hate?


What color eyes do Nikki Maxwell have in Dork Diaries?

Nikki Maxwell, the main character in the Dork Diaries series, has green eyes.

Does Nikki maxwell have blond hair?


How old is Nikki jay maxwell?

she is 14 years old

What state does Nikki J Maxwell live in Dork Diaries?

Nikki J Maxwell is a fictional character in the "Dork Diaries" series, and she is depicted living in Westchester, New York.

What is mackenzies last name on Dork Diaries?

Mackenzie's last name in the Dork Diaries series is Hollister. She is known for being the popular and mean girl at school who often clashes with the protagonist, Nikki Maxwell.

What did Nikki Maxwell from dork diaries do at the funeral?

Nikki Maxwell attended the funeral to offer support and condolences to the family of the deceased. She showed respect by being present and paying her respects during the service.

What is the conclusion in Dork Diaries?

it is that Brandon likes nikki j maxwell

Who is Nikki Maxwell?

Nikki Maxwell is the protagonist in the children's book series "Dork Diaries" written by Rachel Renée Russell. She is a middle school student who navigates through the ups and downs of school life while sharing her experiences in her diary. Nikki is known for her quirky and relatable personality.

How old is Nikki Maxwell from dork diary?

She is 14 years old in middle school