Is Nathan single

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no he is not single, his girlfriend is Denise Turner.

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Q: Is Nathan single
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Who is Nathan from the wanted out with?

YES! Nathan James Sykes is single. ;]

Is Nathan Fillion single?

No, Nathan is currently in a relationship with someone.

Which boys out of the wanted are single?

Nathan and Jay are single.

Does Nathan Sykes from the wanted have a girl friend?

No, apparently Nathan is single. :)

Who is dating Nathan Sykes?

he is currently single

Is Nathan kress single?


Is Tae Handrich dating anyone?

I think she is single, but she could be dating Nathan Sykes from The Wanted. She is single. She's not dating Nathan...??

Is Nathan from the wanted single?

yes he is currently single and does not have a girlfriend at all

Is Nathan kress really single?

Yes, he is.

Nathan mcleod single?

he is not single he is dating shamana they have been going out for 1 year now

Is Nathan followill single?

He is engaged to the singer Jessie Baylin

Is Nathan Sykes single?

no nathan sykes is not single he is currently dating long term girlfriend singer songwriter aimee kenwright who have been dating over a year and a half now