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Q: Is Nathan in series 3 of misfits?
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When does Misfits series 3 start?

December 2011

Is there going to be a misfits series 3?

Yes in late 2011

Who plays Nathan in misfits?

Nathan is played by Robert Sheehan. This is assuming that you are talking about the E4 comedy.

Is Nathan young out of misfits gay?

No he is not, if im correct he just turning all poetic and thinks he is, but I don't think he is going to stay gay for long and for Simon of all people. He offended a tatoo artist with a superpower in season 2 episode 3. The artist gives Nathan a tatoo with a name on in, which causes him to fall in love with someone with that name - which happens to be Simon.

Will there be a misfits series 3?

Yes there will be since at the end of the Christmas special the announcer person said that "Misfits will be returning later next year"

What is the song in misfits when Nathan and Ruth are getting drunk in the community centre?

Klaxons- Atlantis to Interzone

What is the music of Misfits s2 ep2 when Nathan and his brother entered a night club?

its chemical brothers - swoon

When did The Misfits form?

the original lineup started in 1977, they started off as a new-wave type group

Is Nathan bi?

If you mean Nathan from 'Misfits': I think he might be a bit confused, in therms of sexuality. The Simon/Nathan thing might have been just an experimental phase... But, who knows? After all, he is a fictional character...

Who saved Nathan on the bike in the last episode of misfits series one?

I think it might of been Simon because on one of his videos he shows the community service women it has a similar person on a BMX, dunno just a though?

What is the quote from misfits when Nathan throws a brick at the car window?

Theres a little black dot on the sun today!

When is Misfits series three coming out?

when it wants too, bruh .