Is Naruto mixed or white

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Naruto is a Japanese cartoon character. The manga is based on Japanese culture. The fact that Naruto has somewhat caucasian feautres is for three main reasons:

1) It is typical for anime characters to possess variation in hair and eye colors. This is used to distinguish characters within the same anime show or other shows. The characters [usually the main characters] possess generic facial features and body structures.

2) Nowadays, the anime is known world-wide. Since many manga artists want to become successful, they use worldwide aspects in their mangas/anime to attract foreign audiences. For example, the original skin tone/color of Naruto is actually olive toned or porcelein type (with yellow undertones) which the Japanese possess. However, the producers have decided to make his skin tone "pinkish" which is the caucasian skin tone in order to fit in with the world wide aspect, to make the anime more successful.

3) Lastly, it adds depth to the anime. Many did this to make their anime more original and fun to watch. However, as time progress, it became a trend to use different hair and eye colors in anime.

Therefore, he is actually "Japanese". However, like the Japanese say, "Let the foreign people think that anime characters look like them. It doesn't hurt to imagine a little".

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Q: Is Naruto mixed or white
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