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No. Mitsuki Hyati is a fan made character and has never nor will ever appear in Naruto.

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Q: Is Mitsuki Hyati a real character in Naruto?
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Who is Mitsuki Hyati?

Mitsuki Hyati is a girl that lives in the Hurricane Village and has the eleven-tailed water dragon demon, named Hydroqua, AKA the King of Storms. She has black hair and purple eyes, and hates Sasuke Uchiha, who likes her. Note that Mitsuki Hyati is NOT a real character. She was created in a fanfiction, so her name will not appear if you use an internet search. Also note that there are only nine tailed beasts in Naruto, ending with Kyuuba, a.k.a. nine-tails (there is no eleven tailed demon in Naruto).

Is Naruto a real character?

If you're asking if naruto is a real person, then no. He is a fictional character.

What is Naruto's real email?

Naruto is a fictional character, he does not have an email address but he is real.

If Naruto is real where is he?

Naruto is not real. He is a character in an Anime series. Naruto is real but if some people think hes not real then that's them. he is belive me

naruto is a real person?


Is Gaara real?

no, he is a character from a TV show named naruto.

Who is shizue asahi on Naruto?

She isn't a real Naruto character she's an OC, a roleplaying character made up by MaruMariMaru and drawn into screenshots from the series.

Is nartuo real?

Naruto is a character created by Mashashi Kishimoto, named after a bridge in Japan. He and his friends are not real.

Will Naruto die for real in the Shippuden series?


What is the most pointless character in naruto?

That kid that always has snot coming out of his nose. But for real- Tenten does NOTHING!

Is chakra in Naruto real?

some characters are real. they record things that happen to them in real life and give it to the anime people to publish into naruto. but to tell you, the character naruto is not real. he was like a teammate sasuke had named joshua.

Did Naruto kiss shion?

shion is'NT real sso it doesn't matter. she was a filler character. i herd that shion kiss naruto i ain't sure my friend told me