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2012-07-31 16:27:39
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Q: Is Miley and Mandy is still best friends?
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Is miley and Mandy friends?

Yup, they're best friends. Mandy is also miley's backup dancer.

Does Miley hate Mandy?

no there best friends ever.

Is Emily mileys bff?

no there not besy friends but they are friends miley is best friends with Leslie and Mandy!!!!:)

Why is Miley best friends with Mandy?

She's not any more. They were friends cuz Mandy was a back up dancer for MIley but now MIley is best friends withDemi since her and Selena broke up. Selena likes Taylor as a BFF now!

Who is miley cyrus' best friends forever?

Her BFF is Mandy Jiroux

Are Miley and Mandy still friends?

Yes, they are. well to extend on this Mandy and miley will always be friends i wnt to know how they met and became bff. === Yeah they are. They started being friends on the BOBW because Mandy was the backup dancer for Miley. They both were both going through hard times doing the tour and comfort each other. They started being best friends since than!

What is Miley Cyrus's friends called?

miley has lots and lots of friends like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Rachel Butler, but her best best friend is mandy!

Who are Miley's best friends?

Mandy Ashley moosh Amanda vanessa lesley rachel butler

Who is the best friend of miley cyus?

it might be some girl called mindy or mandy or something...cuz when i used to like miley cyrus there were videos on her youtube that was like "the mandy and miley show" or something and they were like best friends but IDK!!

Is Miley and Emily best friends?

Yes, because of Hannah Montana. Her other best friends are Mandy Jiroux and Lesley Patterson. They are inseparable!

Is Miley and Demi really close friends?

They are friends but not best friends mileys best friend is MandyThey are Bff but Miley is close to mandy. they are Bff because in the pictures they upload.. Milorlenemi (Miley Taylor Selena Demi is a good Bff's)

Who is Miley Cyrus best friend in high school?

Miley's best friends was (or I guess you can say is) Lesley Patterson. She is from Tennessee. Her other best friend is Tori Sparks also from Tennessee. In California, her best friend is Mandy Jirouxx. (I don't think I spelled Jirouxx right!) She makes the Miley and Mandy Show with Mandy, which is awesome!!!

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