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He got drafted from Raw to Smackdown in the last draft

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Q: Is Matt hardy on raw or smack down?
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How do you get Jeff hardy on smack down vs raw 2011?

you have to make him

Is Jeff hardy going to be Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

Yes, Jeff Hardy is going to Smack Down vs Raw 2010

Can you create Jeff hardy in smack-down vs raw 2008?

hes alredy on smackdown vs raw 2008

When is smack down vs raw coming out in psp?

There are 5 smack down vs raw games for psp smack down vs raw 2006 smack down vs raw 2007 smack down vs raw 2008 smack down vs raw 2009 smack down vs raw 2010

Will Jeff Hardy come back to Raw in the near future after being drafted to Smack Down?

i say he will

Will Jeff hardy be in smack down vs raw 2011?

Probably not because he's on tna now

Jeff hardy coming back to smack down?

Jeff hardy is coming July 2010 on an epsoide of raw i know because i am his ccoooooooouuuussssssssiinnnnn

Will Jeff hardy come to Cincinnati with smack down and ecw?

i don't know but i dnt think he will becasue he is raw

Is Matt Hardy on Raw?

NO he is on Smackdown

How do you create Jeff Hardy for smack down vs raw 2005?

Go to and go to Superstars that start with the letter 'J'

Is Jeff Hardy is going to Smack Down vs Raw 2010 ps2?

hardy will be in every version i believe as mostly with smackdown vs raw games every superstar is there but i do not know how you get stone cold in the version of the game

When is Smack Down vs Raw 2010 coming out?

smack down vs. raw is coming out this fall of 2009.