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No, he lives with somebody else. Matt and Jaimie are not even a couple.

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No. But last time I looked it said he was in a relationship with Kristen Prout> But that he shares a house with April Matson. All the cast of Kyle Xy are good friends though.

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Nope. Never have been. Only relationship they have is a close friendship.

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Q: Is Matt Dallas dating both April Matson and Jaimie Alexander?
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Is Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander dating?

No, they never have.

How long have Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander dated?

Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander have NEVER dated. They are just friends. Jaimie has been dating a Canadian musician for some time now.

Who is Jaimie Alexander's boyfriend?

Brock MacWire

Is Jaimie Alexander dating Matt Dallas?

Yes, Matt Dallas is dating Jaimie Alexander, and then live together in Vancouver, British Columbia in an Apartment, where Kyle XY is filmed.

Is Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander engaged?

No, they're not engaged...they're not even dating! Jaimie already has a boyfriend.

Who is dating Matt dallas?

Matt is currently dating a former model. She resides in chicago, continuing her education, for the time being.

Are Matt Dallas and Jaimie Alexander married?

No, they're not even dating. They are not (never have been) a couple. Just close friends.

Is Matt dallas dating April matson?

no. but they share a house together and are best friends.

Since when is Matt dallas dating jaimie Alexander?

Sheesh, don't you people ever read questions from other people? there must be like a million versions of this question out there. HERE IS THE ANSWER: MATT AND JAIMIE HAVE NEVER DATED. THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE. JUST CLOSE FRIENDS WITH GREAT CHEMISTRY.

Who is miss j Alexander dating?

Matt Dallas

Did jamie Alexander go out with Matt dallas?

yes If you mean are they/were they dating, then the answer is NO!

Is Matt dallas dating Kirsten prout?