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Mariah Yeter is not telling the truth about Justin Bieber being the baby daddy. He is not the father of her son because on the Today show, he was talking to host Matt Lauer. He told him that he has never met the woman. He also said that he knows that he is always gonna be the victim. On TMZ, they said that he is definetly not the father, a guy named Robbie is. They also said that they found out she was texting a friend and she told the friend about the plan about the alleigations. So, Justin is not the father of Mariah's 4 month old baby boy after all.

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Q: Is Mariah yeter telling the true about Justin Bieber being his baby daddy?
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What is the name of the girl that lied of being pregnant with Justin bieber baby?

Mariah Yeater.

Was mariah lying about Justin Bieber being a dad to her baby?

Yes, it was all publicity. She broke the claim when it started falling apart.

Is Justin Bieber the father of that baby boy?

No, it was all lies, Mariah Yeater dropped the case after text messages were released about her ex being the father of the baby which were sent by her from her phone.

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Did Justin Bieber have a baby with one of his fans?

One of Justin Bieber's fans, Mariah Yeater, recently had a baby. She is claiming that Justin is the father, and that they had sex backstage after a concert in California. Justin and his representatives are saying that this incident never happened, and hold that Ms. Yeater's accusations are false. Justin Bieber voluntarily went for DNA testing, which came back that he was not the father. Ms. Yeater's attorneys have dropped the suit, but are continuing to try for a settlement regardless. Her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Powell, says that he is the father of the child. It is being said that Bieber's representatives intend to sue Mariah Yeater for abuse of the legal process. Some friends of Yeater's accuse her of making a false accusation for attention and money.