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Q: Is Marcus Thigpen related to Yancey Thigpen?
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When was Yancey Thigpen born?

Yancey Thigpen was born on 1969-08-15.

What is the birth name of Yancy Thigpen?

Yancy Thigpen's birth name is Yancey Dirk Thigpen.

Is Tyler Thigpen related to Yancey Thigpen?

No. Not hardly. Check the age difference. Yancey was born in 1969 and Tyler was born in 1984. Yancey got drafted by San Diego in 91. How do I know?? one may ask, we attended Winston-Salem State University together. Today, we still remain friends. I'm glad you're friends with Yancey Thigpen, but the question was if he's related to Tyler. They could be cousins, uncle and nephew, half brothers -- age difference doesn't mean a thing in the question that was asked. Now, Yancey is black and Tyler is white, so I'm guessing they're still not related. Not to mention the fact that the sports media hasn't spent the last 24 hours since Tyler took over for Huard in the KC-Oakland game talking about his link to Yancey.

Where does yancey thigpen live?

Charlotte, NC

Where does yancey thigpen live now?

Charlotte, NC

How tall is Marcus Thigpen?

NFL player Marcus Thigpen is 5'-09''.

What NFL team does Marcus Thigpen play for?

Damien Thigpen plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

What is Marcus Thigpen's number on the Miami Dolphins?

Marcus Thigpen is number 34 on the Miami Dolphins.

What position does Marcus Thigpen play?

Marcus Thigpen plays Running Back for the Miami Dolphins.

What college did NFL player Marcus Thigpen play for?

NFL player Marcus Thigpen played for Indiana.

How much does NFL player Marcus Thigpen weigh?

NFL player Marcus Thigpen weighs 195 pounds.

How old is Marcus Thigpen?

As of the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season Marcus Thigpen is 28 years old.