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No they are not "Emo" or "Post-Hardcore". They are an Indie rock band, some say Alternative rock and others say Indie pop but once you get that picture you'll realize that those genres are basically the same and that Manchester Orchestra is within that category. There a good band, there way to cool for any of that emo or harcore garbage.

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Q: Is Manchester orchestra an emo band?
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Is Manchester Orchestra a post hard core or emo group?

Indie rock.

When was Manchester Orchestra created?

Manchester Orchestra was created in 2005.

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The song is called Shake It Out by Manchester Orchestra.

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Where can one find information about Manchester orchestra?

The Manchester Orchestra is an American indie rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2004. There are several sources to find information about this group. One is Bad Books which can be called at 888-512-7469 to get info about tickets, shows and other merchandise.

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