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Little is know about Loreena's life because she is a very private person, unlike most of current "artists". But from what is know she is a woman that battled for her career and success. She writes her music and lyrics, is self taught on the harp, started her carreer busking for money when she couldn't even get a credit card, self produced her albums, etc, etc - hard earned success. It is very admirable to know all of this but we must not go as far as to thinking she is some sort of elf or flawless magical creature. She is human and alike all humans is flawed. So it shouldn't be surprising to imagine that with all the responsibility that came with her work and success that she did not have moments of "tantrums", as Niema put it. C'mon you guys, McKennitt is just human.

What we read in that book is just Niema's side of the story. Niema who saw a friend rise to stardom and wealthiness and, being human too, may have been bit by the green eyed monster - jealousy and envy are everywhere in the world, following footsteps of those who succeed. So she wrote a book exposing Loreena's privacy, Loreena's sexual life, her mental state, her emotions on the death of her fiancé, exploiting plenty of the things that Loreena once confided on her - pretty low blow, huh? All to get a place under the spotlights.

Plus, Niema wouldn't write something to make herself look bad right?

I will now leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.

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Q: Is Loreena Mckennitt actually a cold-hearted pragmatist or is Niema Ash a crazy woman who tried to profit off of a friendship?
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