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Q: Is LilBoosie the father of Deelishis daughter?
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Is jasmine comer deelishis daughter?

=Yes she is=

Is Deelishis bisexual?


Is deelishis and Lil Wayne?

no they are not to gether

What is called father's daughter's daughter?

The daughter of your father's daughter is his granddaughter. She is either your niece, or your daughter.

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How tall is deelishis?

She's listed at 5'7"

What is the relationship between daughter and her father?

the elationship between father and daughter is a daughter must love her father and respect him and be honest to him ,,and the father must obei his daughter and follow her advice for them to be in peace

Does lil'boosie have children?

yes lilboosie has 3 kids

How long will lilboosie be in prison?

a year and one month

How tall is lilboosie?

Batonrouge rapper "lil'Boosie" Is 5'5

Do lilboosie got life in jail?

no y wuld he