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No, they chose the name Lamb of God because their last bands name was Burn the Priest and they thought it was childish and it was also getting them banned at some bars where they played because people thought the name was "Offensive", if you are referencing the song "Walk With me in Hell", that is about Dante's Inferno and not Satan or Satanism.

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Q: Is Lamb of god the band satanic?
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Is God Forbid a christian band?

Tough there are Christian members in the band, God Forbid is not a Christian based band. The band is not satanic, but is not of the Lord. God Forbid should be avoided if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Other bands to ignore are: Megadeath God Forbid Lamb of God Slayer

What religion does lamb of god practice?

Lamb of god are not a christian band, although their name would suggest. However, contrary to popular belief, they are not an anti christian band either. Their original name, 'Burn the priest' was changed, because of the way people interpreted their name to mean that they are a satanic band. They changed their name to lamb of god. Which also sounds really awesome.

Is lamb of god a religious band?

No, they are not. They are a non-religious band. They themselves have said that. ->Reply from Alexander small: though they say that they are a non-religious band it is likely that it may not be so... there original name was burn the priests... I think that would mean that they are against Christianity and God in a whole as the trinity. No disrespect.

Who is the lamb of god?

Lamb of God can be: Jesus, the Lamb of God Or the pure American metal band. In either case, look at another source besides this site.

Are the band members of lamb of god rich?

not really. The band members of "savings account of god" are totally rich. God is a republican.

Is Alesana a satanic band?

No its not a Satanic band, They just express what they feel about life in music

Why did the band Lamb Of God call themselves lamb of god?

They had to change their name from Burn The Priest, Their first self titled album depot was meant to be Lamb of God, But over religious controversy they changed their band name to Lamb of God and the debut to Burn the Priest

Is hinder a satanic band?

NOOOOOO they aren't satanic

What is the better band lamb of God or slipknot?

Slipknot is the worlds best band. So no one is better then them!

Is the devil wears Prada the band satanic?

No, The Devil Wears Prada is not Satanic. They are a Christian band.

Is the rock band trivium satanic?

No there not, The my are a heavy metal bad, not a screamo band. Some screamo band are satanic, not metal.

Is 10 years a satanic band?

from close examination of their lyrics, associations, and type of music, the band certainly does not glorify God. While its hard to categorize something as satanic, the word if God is always in absolutes. There are no gray areas. Now the band members themselves may not be classified as satanists anymore than witches consider themselves as such. Notwithstanding, one can be under the influence of Satan without knowledge, or even belief in his existence. In conclusion, I believe they are a satanic band.