Is Kristian Alfonso pregnant

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Nope, she's not pregnant.

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Q: Is Kristian Alfonso pregnant
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What is the birth name of Kristian Alfonso?

Kristian Alfonso's birth name is Alfonso, Kristian-Joy.

When was Kristian Alfonso born?

Kristian Alfonso was born on September 5, 1963.

What is Kristian Alfonso's birthday?

Kristian Alfonso was born on September 5, 1963.

How tall is Kristian Alfonso?

Kristian Alfonso is 5' 4".

What did Kristian Alfonso do before she went joined Days of Our Lives?

Kristian Alfonso was a former model and figure skater before she became an actress on Days of Our Lives as Hope Williams Brady a role she has been playing since 1983.

Has kristian Stewart gotten pregnant?


Did Kristian Alfonso date Peter Reckell in real life?

Not in real life, no. It's just their characters on DOOL.

What actors and actresses appeared in Love Stories - 1991?

The cast of Love Stories - 1991 includes: Kristian Alfonso as Host

Who are the most famous people named Alfonso in the world?

Some of the most famous people named Alfonso include King Alfonso XII of Spain, Alfonso Cuarón, the Mexican film director who won multiple Academy Awards, and Alfonso Ribeiro, an American actor known for his role in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

Are Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell friends?

Yeah, they are. They're acting like they hate each other, even though they don't.

Who played Kimberly Brady on Days of Our Lives?

Kimberly Brady was played by Patsy Pease.

Was Kristian Alfonso married to lamas?

No. She has been married twice, the first time to Simon Macauley in 1986 and to her current husband, Danny Daggenhurst in 2000.