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Idk. I don't think a show, but on Celtic thunders free encyclopedia, it said Keith made his first album and was supposidly coming out in the beginning of this year (09.) However, I haven't seen the advertisement anywhere where it mentions Celtic Thunder albums.

The more complete answer:

Keith R. Harkin, born June 10, 1986 in Derry, Northern Ireland, has been a member of Celtic Thunder for over four years now. Celtic Thunder has toured the U.S. and Canada in concert three times now, with a fourth tour Heritage scheduled for Fall 2011.

Keith's debut album is scheduled to be released in April, 2011 and initially will be available only on his website at Lots of good information is available on the website in his blogs on the homepage.

In March, 2011, Keith did several solo acoustic gigs from the West Coast through the southern U.S. and on to the East Coast, including Philadelphia. During the summer of 2011 Keith plans to do more solo acoustic shows across the U.S. and possibly more in the Fall of 2011 during his tour with Celtic Thunder.

In April and May 2011 Keith will be touring Ireland with his friends in Tsunami Rising, playing local festivals. Those dates are available on his website as well if you're lucky enough to be in Ireland this Spring!

Keith has posted some original songs on his YouTube channel, BustyMusic.

You can find many solo and esemble performances by Keith on Celtic Thunder's 5 DVDs and 6 CDs (all available on Amazon, or just Google it!). Celtic Thunder has topped Billboard's world charts for weeks on end and tickets are already on sale for the 2011 tour through your local PBS television station, don't delay!

Keith is a highly versatile and talented vocalist and plays guitar with the best of them as well! His myriads of loyal fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his debut CD!

If you haven't seen or heard Keith you owe it to yourself to do so immediately. In addition to his talent he's one of the most beautiful men you'll ever lay eyes on, he's absolutely exquisite with blond hair, and gray eyes that actually change to almost blue to green and even brown at times (I know! right?) Don't get me started on those gorgeous dimples!

Keith's warm honey voice has quite a range, too. The bonus round is that he doesn't lose that awesome Irish accent when he sings, it's phenomenal. Whether he's signing a traditional Irish song, a ballad, a song that he's written himself, or rocking out the Beach Boys or U2, Keith delivers in his own unique way - and you'll swear you've never heard the song before. Warning: the original version will no longer sound right to you after you've heard Keith sing it.

The world is discovering Keith Harkin, don't miss out! Welcome to the new age of the seriously good looking male artist with the talent to match!

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Q: Is Keith Harkin involved in a new show or album?
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