Is Kane Kramer still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Kane Kramer still alive
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Where did Kane Kramer live while he was alive?

In England, in USA

Is the real Kane alive?

Yes, the real Kane is still alive and lives in Tennessee.

How long did Kane Kramer's patent last?

Patents last 20 years. Kramer's patent, US4667088, expired in 2007 but is still cited in new patents.

Did Kane Kramer have kids?


Where does Kane Kramer work?


When did the inventor Kane kramer live?

Kane Kramer lived in Bramalea Close Highgate when he conceived the Digital Audio Player in 1979. Kramer now lives in Hertfordshire England.

Was Kane Kramer born in hitchin?

Yes. He still lived in the town in Millstream Close untill very recently.

When did Kane Kramer make the Ipod?


How many kids does Kane Kramer have?


Is Paul bearer dead or alive?

Yes, He is still alive and working in WWE as the manager of Kane.

Where did Kane Kramer invent the dap?

where was the ipod invented at?

Who is Kane Kramer married too?

he is married to lita