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He's dating Selena Gomez and Carly is too old for him to date

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Q: Is Justin still dating Selena Gomez or Carly Rae jaspen?
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Is Carly ray Jepsen and Justin Bieber together?

No Justin is still dating Selena and Carly is dating some other guy

Is Carly Rae and Justin Bieber dating?

No, they're just friends.No, there are not datingNo, there are not datingNo. Justin just signed Carly. Carly is 26 or something and Justin is 18 so there is a big age difference and both Justin and Carly are in relationships. Justin is with Selena Gomez and Carly is with Matthew Koma.No, there just really good friendshell no he is for me emily bieberThey are not dating, Justin signed Carly Rae Jepsen to his Music Record. Carly is dating someone else

Is Justin Bieber dating Nikki Tisdale?

Nicki Minaj is not dating Justin Bieber because he's dating Rae (Carly Rae Jepsen)

Is Justin Bieber dating Carly Rae Jepsen?

No. He is still dating Selena Gomez. He did, however, sign her to Scooter Braun's record label, he also refer's to her as "his artist"

Is Justin Bieber Carly Rae jepsens boyfriend?

No, Selena Gomez is Justin Bieber's girlfriend. Carly and him are just friends and Justin discovered her

Who is Carly rae jepson dating?

Carly Rae Jepson does goes out with justin beiber

Is Miranda Cosgrove pregnant because of Justin bieber?

No She is not pregnant by Justin Bieber Why? 1. Because they were never going out 2. If she was pregnant you would see her stomach was big and fat on the new episodes on I Carly. There you have the answers she not pregnant by J.B (Justin Bieber)

Is sam and Freddie dating or Carly and Freddie dating in real life?

well they are dating on the tv show i carly but i hope that they are dating in real liferight

Who is Carly dating?

Who is Carly from ICarly dating? I really want to know.

Who is Carly Rae Jepsen boyfriend?

idk really no bcz no one will tellk meh :P but i think his name os anyoma

Who does Carly Rae date?

Hmmm....... it says on the internet that she is dating justin beiber but i dont think so from sandy age 16

Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Carly Jepsons music video call you maybe?

Of course not. Why would someone think that. I have watched he video, it is untrue!