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yes Selena said that he has seen the movie and is cool with the kissing scene

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Q: Is Justin bieber ok with Selena's kissing sense in Monte Carlo?
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What school does Justin Bieber's girlfriend go to?

Selena Gomez his girlfriend graduated from highschool during the Monte Carlo movie

What did Selena love doing on the set of Monte Carlo?

she was kissing her boy friend

Where was Justin Bieber on June 23 2011?

On June 24, 2011 Justin Bieber was in New York City. He appeared on the Today Show, The View and launched his perfume "Someday" at Macy's in Herald Square. He took pictures with 325 VIP fans at Macy's and then later went to the Monte Carlo movie premier to support and accompany his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Is Justin Bieber's girlfriend famous?

Yes, it's Selena gomez your talking about.

Does Selena Gomez hate Katie Cassidy?

She didn't like her when she was dating Jesse mcartney cause she secretly had a crush on him. but since they've done their movie Monte Carlo they became good friends.

What kind of movie is Monte Carlo?

it is PG13 but thats only cause there a lot of kissing in it i thought it was the be movie ever i would defenatly recomend it to everyone

Did Cory Monteith play Selena Gomez's boyfriend in Monte Carlo?

Yes, Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith dated in 2010.NO!Yes, Cory Monteith dated Taylor Swift in 2010.Yes, they dated in 2010.

How did Selena gomez earn her fame?

Selena Gomez started acting when she was 9 on Barney. Then she stared in a movie called another Cinderella story. Then she started making wizards of waverly plase and started being a guest star for other shows. The she made another movie Ramona and beatrice and after that she made another movie called monte Carlo. And now she is singing and dating justin bieber

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