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Jonathan Baltzer is an accomplised Actor Having appeared in over a dozen Motion Pictures including :The Yards with Faye Dunaway and James Cannn:Peacemaker with George Clooney:Picture Perfect with Keven Bacon:perfect Game with Keven Costner:Jungle to Jungle with Martin Short:Private Parts with Howard Stern:Lifes Breath with Luke Perry:Godziila Mr. Baltzer played Ralph on the Emmy winning Concealed Enimies and Law and Order.At 6 foot 4 Jonathan has Doubled for some of Hollywoods taller Actors,including David Morse [Bait] and Christopher Reeves [The Bostonian

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Q: Is Jonathan Baltzer an actor is he good?
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Jonathan baltzer is an accomplished actor. He lives in NYC . He has appeared in movies such as Godzilla, Devils Avocate,jungle to jungle,peacemaker,ransom,conspericy theory,stepmom,lifesbrearth,concealed enimies.Mr.baltzer is a comedian and has a stage background Rhode Island Shakespeare thearte and trinity square rep He also founded the Emerson comedy workshop with denis leary

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