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thanks for the info. I thought that they might be related. They both had similar interests

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Q: Is Jim Marrs related to Texe Marrs?
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Is texe marrs related to Jim marrs?


When was Texe Marrs born?

Texe Marrs was born in 1944.

What is Texe Marrs most known for?

Texe Marrs is mainly known as a Christian writer who also runs his own ministry in Austin, Texas. He has received coverage from mainstream media mostly for his outlandish statements that cannot be proved. His books have been thoroughly read by conspiracy theorists.

When was Jim Marrs born?

Jim Marrs was born on December 5, 1943, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

What is Matt Bellamy's favorite book?

Rule by secrecy - by Jim Marrs

What is the birth name of Mike Marrs?

Mike Marrs's birth name is Michael Allen Marrs.

When was Audrey Marrs born?

Audrey Marrs was born in 1970.

When was Mike Marrs born?

Mike Marrs was born in February 1972.

What has the author Suzanne Marrs written?

Suzanne Marrs has written: 'Eudora Welty'

When was Jarrod Marrs born?

Jarrod Marrs was born on 1975-05-28.

When was Steven Marrs born?

Steven Marrs was born on 1967-03-11.

When was Lee Marrs born?

Lee Marrs was born on 1945-09-05.