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Possibly and maybe to a cousin

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Q: Is Jim Davidson married in real life?
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Is Jim and dot from eastenders married in real life?

No they aren't.

Are Pam and Jim on the office really marred in real life?

The actors who play the characters are not married

What is Jim Davidson's birthday?

Jim Davidson was born on December 13, 1953.

When was Jim Davidson born?

Jim Davidson was born on December 13, 1953.

What has the author Jim Davidson written?

Jim Davidson has written: 'Holiday business' -- subject(s): Australia, Tourism, Description and travel, History 'A three cornered life' -- subject(s): Historians, Biography

When was Jim Davidson - comedian - born?

Jim Davidson - comedian - was born on 1953-12-13.

Did jim and Pam get married in real life?

Yes, in season 6 they will. They are also having a baby, shown on "Company Picnic".

How old is Jim Davidson?

Jim Davidson is 64 years old (birthdate: December 13, 1953).

Is Jim Davidson gay?


Who is not a Islamic prophet?

Jim Davidson

What has the author Jim Doyle written?

Jim Doyle has written: 'Tales from a real life'

What team does Jim Davidson support?