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Q: Is Jessie j dating Justin Bieber?
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Is Jessie j and Justin Bieber brother and sister?

No they are not brother and sister cuz one of ,y friends told me Justin Beiber and Jessie J kissed

Is Justin bieber dating a Victoria's Secret model?


Who is the most famous celebrity ever dead or alive?

Justin bieber,nicki minaj and Jessie J

Who is tghe most famous singer?

nickimanaj, Justin bieber, Jessie j, AMD other famous people :D

Is Justin Timberlake married to Jessie J?

No, Justin Timberlake is not married to Jessie J. Timberlake has never been married.

Who does Jessie J love?

Jessie J has claimed she is a bisexual, though also denies she is a lesbian. She does not have a firm partner, but has been spotted with a few different people, most recent of which being Justin Bieber's bodyguard; Kenny.

Is Jessie J Justin Biebers sibling?


Does J Bieber love or like Selena Gomez?

It seems that he does probably not love though. Selena and Justin might even be dating.

Has Jessie J married to Justin Timberlake?

No, Justin Timberlake married Jessica Biel.

Is Justin Bieber and sterling knight cute?

Sterling Knight & Justin Bieber s=:( J=:l

Does Justin Bieber like j-woww?


Is Justin Bieber a man or a women?

No.....Justin Bieber is not a woman.One becuase if he was a woman,Selena Gomez would be dating a Lesbian.And second,just cuz he sounds like a girl when he sings doesnt mean he is a girl. jacoobo g f j