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No, model and actress Jessica Jane Clement is not a lesbian, She married a male hairdresser I. 2013.

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Q: Is Jessica Jane clement a lesbian?
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When was Jessica-Jane Clement born?

Jessica-Jane Clement was born on 1985-02-24.

When was jessica Jane clement born?

Jessica-Jane Clement was born on 1985-02-24.

Is Jessica clement a lesbian?


How old is Jessica Jane Clement?

Jessica Jane Clement is 32 years old (born February 24, 1985).

Who is Jessica swindler?

Jane Clement

Does jessica Jane clement smoke?

yes quite a lot

Does jessica Jane clement have fake breasts?

Yes, she has had a boob job.

What exactly is Jessica Jane Clement famous for?

Jessica Jane Clement is a famous British glamour model, who has also acted and done some TV work. She appeared in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2011.

How long have lee Stafford and jessica Jane clement been in a relationship?

They met when she was a contestant on Celebrity Scissorhands and it started soon afterwards - she won!

Is Jane Hazlegrove lesbian or bisexual?

Jane Hazelgrove is openly lesbian.

Is Jessica Simpson lesbian?

Jessica Simpson is a lesbian because she HAD SEX,MADE OUT, AND DID PORN with britany spears and Ashley Simpson

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yes she is!