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Jerry Pinkney, an American illustrator of childrens books, is alive. Pinkney won the 2010 Caldecot Medal.

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Q: Is Jerry pinkney dead or alive?
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Is Jerry Pinkney and Brian Pinkney the same person?

No. Brian Pinkney is Jerry Pinkney's son, and a children's book illustrator in his own right.

Is Jerry pinkney Brian pinkney's father?

Yes, Jerry Pinkney is Brian Pinkney's father. Both are well-known and successful illustrators and authors in the field of children's literature.

How many books was wrote by pinkney?

17 books jerry pinkney has rote

Is Jerry Spinelli dead?

No, Jerry Spinelli is currently alive and living in the United States.

Is jerry west dead?

nope hes alive, And hes the man on the NBA logo

Who won the Caldecott award 2010?

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney won the 2010 Caldecott Medal.

Who won the Caldecott Nedal in 2010?

Jerry Pinkney won the award in 2010. The book was The Lion & the Mouse.

Who is the author of Childtimes?

A Three-Generation Memoir: Eloise Greenfield, Lessie Jones Little, Jerry Pinkney

Who was the last recipient of the Caldecott award?

The most recent recipient of the Caldecott Award was the 2010 winner, Jerry Pinkney, for The Lion & the Mouse.

What nicknames does Michelle Pinkney go by?

Michelle Pinkney goes by Pinkie or Pinkney.

Is Jerry Spinellis' wife still alive?

Yes, Jerry Spinelli is still alive

How old is Jerry Spinelli right now?

He is not dead. He is living in Pennsylvania with his wife, and is still writing books. (Keep an eye out for his new book "Jake and Lily" ;)) TWIN POWER!!