Is Jericho Rosales gay

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Yes jericho rosales was a gay of god mark luther dimaano rosal and she died now in hell!

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Yes he is

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Q: Is Jericho Rosales gay
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What is the birth name of Jericho Rosales?

Jericho Rosales's birth name is Jericho Vibar Rosales.

What nicknames does Jericho Rosales go by?

Jericho Rosales goes by Echo.

When was Jericho Rosales born?

Jericho Rosales was born on September 22, 1979, in Quezon City, Philippines.

Who are Jericho rosales parents?


When did Jericho Rosales die?

He will die when he let KRISTINE HERMOSA marry with DIETHER OCAMPO........Jericho matches Kristine and if he let go of her.....he will die bythe mind blowing.......bhow bhow

Who is Jericho rosales's girlfriend?

It is Kristine Hermosa.

Who is Kristine Hermosa's boyfriend?

Jericho Rosales!

How old is Jericho rosales?

ilang taon kna

What prime time drama series made Jericho Rosales?

Jericho Rosales was born in the Philippines in 1979. Jericho is said to have became a household name when he starred with Angelika dela Cruz in the prime time drama series Esperanza.

What actors and actresses appeared in Alagwa - 2012?

The cast of Alagwa - 2012 includes: Nanette Inventor Jamieson Lee as Gay guy John Manalo Smokey Manaloto Jericho Rosales Jeremiah Rosales Marti San Juan Carmen Soo

How old is Jericho rosales is son?

santino he is 8 and the mother is Kai palomares

Who is the girlfriend of Jericho rosales nowand who is the boyfriend of kristine hermosa now?

Cesca Litton!