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no. They could be though. similar names might mean long lost family. Or a fragile branch of the family tree.

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No because Emma grew up in Arizona and Jennifer grew up in Texas

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Q: Is Jennifer stone related to Emma Stone?
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Is Jennifer Stone Relatated to Emma Stone?

No. Emma Stone is the daughter of Jeff Stone who is of swedish decent and Krista Stone who is Dutch Pennsylvanian. Her only sibling is Spencer Stone who is a football player.

Where can you find pictures of Emma Stone?

You can find pictures of Emma Stone by browsing the sites listed in the "Related Links" section of this answer.

Is Emma Stone and Jennifer stone sister?

No. Jennifer Stone is an only daughter. She has no sisters. She has one brother and that's it. Even tho you may see some slight resemblance between the two, there is no relation.

What is Emma Stone's stage name?

Emma Stone's stage name is Emma Stone. Her birth name is Emily Jean Stone.

Is Emma Stone Jewish?

Emma Stone is not Jewish.

What is Emma Stone's occupation?

Emma Stone is a/an Actress

When was Emma Stone born?

Emma Stone was born on November 6, 1988

Does Emma Stone have children?

Yes, Emma Stone has 1 kids

How many children does Emma Stone have?

Emma Stone has 1 child

Who is prettier Emma Stone or Lucy hale?

Emma Stone, obviously.

Does Emma Stone have kids?

Yes, Emma Stone has 1 kids

How many kids does Emma Stone have?

Emma Stone has 1 child