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In 2001, James Taylor married for a third time to a woman named Caroline Smedvig. They haves two sons Henry and Rufus who were born using a surrogate.

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James Taylor married to Carly Simon from 1972 to 1983 James Taylor married to Kathryn Walker from 1985 to 1995 James Taylor married to Caroline "Kim" Smedvig in 2001

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No, Carole King and James Taylor were never married.

She's currently married to a man named Rick Sorenson. She's also been married 3 previous times:

Gerry Goffin 1960-1968, 2 children, marriage ended in divorce

Charles Larkey 1970-1976, 2 children, marriage ended in divorce

Rick Evers 1977-1978, no children, marriage ended as a result of Ever's death

Rick Sorenson 1982-present, no children

Correction: Carole King and Rick Sorenson divorced around 1990. Today Carole king is single.

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James Taylor is currently married to Caroline "Kim" Smedvig. The have been married since early 2001. They have 3 children.

Prior to his current marriage, he was married to stage actress, Kathryn Walker from 1985-1995. They did not have any children.

Prior to his marriage with Kathryn Walker, he was married to Carly Simon from 1973-1983. They had 2 children.

James Taylor was just on the macy's day parade and he has 3 children with his wife kim

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James 'JT' Taylor, former lead singer of Kool & the Gang, married Starlena Younf formerly of the R&B duo, Aurra.

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Q: Is James jt Taylor of kool and the gang still married?
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