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Q: Is James j flynn school haunted?
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What has the author James J Flynn written?

James J. Flynn has written: 'Negroes of achievement in modern America'

When did Edward J. Flynn die?

Edward J. Flynn died in 1953.

When was Edward J. Flynn born?

Edward J. Flynn was born in 1891.

When was William J. Flynn born?

William J. Flynn was born in 1867.

When did Emmett J. Flynn die?

Emmett J. Flynn died in 1937.

When was Emmett J. Flynn born?

Emmett J. Flynn was born in 1892.

When did William J. Flynn die?

William J. Flynn died in 1928.

What has the author Karen J Flynn written?

Karen J. Flynn has written: 'Out - but not within?'

When was Michael J. Flynn born?

Michael J. Flynn was born on 1934-05-20.

Is Clara j king elementary school haunted?

If you're talking about the one located in Cypress, California, no it is not. I know this because I went there from Kindergarten to 6 grade. It is not haunted at all.

What has the author J M Flynn written?

J. M. Flynn has written: 'Drink with the dead' 'Danger Zone' 'Ring Around a Rogue' 'Viva McHugh!'

When was J. M. Tate High School created?

J M Ntsime High School was created in 1982.