Is Jake silbermann dating Van

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO Jake is NOT DATING Van!!!!!

Jake plays a character on ATWT Noah Mayer and Van Hansis plays a character Luke Snyder as well on the same show. Both characters are dating, the actors are in no shape or form of dating each other. They are close friends off screen. NOT DATING one another!!!

AS for Jake or Van being gay or not! IS their business.

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Q: Is Jake silbermann dating Van
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Jake Silbermann was born on June 1, 1983.

When was Jake Silbermann born?

Jake Silbermann was born on June 1, 1983.

How old is Jake Silbermann?

Jake Silbermann is 34 years old (birthdate: June 1, 1983).

Who is Jake Silbermann's girlfriend?

Brooke Burdine

What is Jake Silbermann's middle name?

His middle name is Andrew.

Is Jake Silbermann marry?

No!! I don't think so but, I do believe he is dating one of his as the world turn co-stars.

Is Jake silbermann still on as the world turns in 2009?

Yes Jake Silbermann is still on ATWT. The actor has not been fired or quit the show. Reason for not seeing much of him as Noah Mayer is because right now the show is airing other storylines based on other characters.

Is Jake goldberg gay?

He plays a gay character so well that many people think that he is gay in real life. But unfortunately, it's not true. He has many times said that he is straight. While his co-star Van Hansis seems to be undecided, Jake Silbermann is, without a doubt, straight.

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