Is Jake short hot

Updated: 8/28/2023
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If ur talkin bout Jake toranzo Austin szymanski then yes

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Nope, just as his name states, he is actually quite short.

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no he is not he is Jake Short, he is a human being.

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Q: Is Jake short hot
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What does Jake short like mixrace girls?

Because he is adoriable and cute and he's HOT!

Where does Jake Short live?

Jake Short was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

What is Jake short's middle name?

jake danny phillip short

What grade is Jake short in?

Jake short is in 6th grade

Is Jake Short sweet?

yes Jake Short is sweet

How tall is Jake short?

Jake Short is 5 feet

Who is Jake short girlfriend?

Jake Short is currently single and not dating anyone.

Who is older china Anne McClain or Jake short?

Jake short

What is Jake short's eye color?

jake short's eyes are green

What kind of girls does Jake short like?

what does Jake short like in a girl

Is Jake short 11?

No. Jake Short is actually 14 years old.

Can you find Jake Short somewhereWhere does he live?

Can you find where jake short lives