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no because she died two soon in joker land and harley was dead in arkham city because robin stoped her by trowing a batring at her face and batman went back two the batcave to get some rest because he was hurt harley was burred at arkham asylum everyone was safe and vickie vale the reporter said that harley quinn died in arkham city and her baby began two come out harley was still alive but when the baby was out the baby died at the end of the coffin and harleys revenge was over and joker was angrey in hell because he was evill two batman and one day ago gotham was deyored and arkham city was burned two pecies batman and catwoman mister freeze pison ivy and robin was safe in arkham asylum and thant was the end of harleys revenge

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Q: Is Harley pregnant in Harley Quinn's Revenge?
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Do you have to download batman arkham city harley quinns revenge on ps3?

Unless you buy the GOTY edition, unfortunately it is only a download.

Is batman arkham city harley Quinns revenge out?

yes,you can either install the Harley Quinn's revenge DLC pack or get it along with other DLC packs in batman arkham city game of the year addition but either way yes,the name is breakerbomb try asking who i am you will get an answer

Does batman die in Harley Quinn's Revenge?


What are the release dates for Harley Quinn's Revenge - 2012 VG?

Harley Quinn's Revenge - 2012 VG was released on: USA: 29 May 2012

Where is batcave in arkham city?

The Batcave only appears in the Harley's Revenge DLC.

Is harley Quinn playable in the new batman arkhan city dlc?

While Harley Quinn is not a playable character in the dlc Harley Quinn's Revenge, Batman along with Robin will both be playable characters.

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Does Harley Quinn die in Harley Quinn's Revenge?

She falls off a cliff. But even then she doesn't actually die, because we see her towards the end of "Batman: Return of the Joker" in her 60s or 70s. And she's not into crime anymore at that point, so she probably dies of old age.