Is Gerardo Ortiz married

Updated: 9/19/2023
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no single

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Q: Is Gerardo Ortiz married
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How old is gerardo ortiz in 2011?

gerardo ortiz is ??

Did gerardo ortiz die?

if gerardo ortiz died he would n

How much does Gerardo Ortiz weight?

how much does gerardo ortiz wieght

Did Gerardo Ortiz get killed?

No gerardo ortiz did not got shot thank god (i love u gerardo)

Who are the famous Gerardo?

Gerardo Ortiz

Who shot gerardo ortiz?

Nobody shot Gerardo Ortiz. Gerardo Ortiz is still alive. They did try to kill him, but he saved himself. They did kill his manager, though.

How many brothers does gerardo ortiz have?

gerardo ortiz has 5 brothers and 6 sistes.

When was gerardo ortiz born?

gerardo ortiz was born on october 5 1889 in mexico,michoacan

Is miguel ortiz and gerardo ortiz brothers?

no they arent

What are the names of Gerardo Ortiz brothers?

William and Oscar Ortiz

How old is Kevin ortiz gerardo ortiz brother?

Kevin ortiz is so sexy

Does gerardo ortiz have a nickname?