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Q: Is Gene Simmons still in Kiss?
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Did gene simmons start the band kiss?

yes gene simmons did start the kiss band but gene simmons isn't his real name

Is gene simmons on tour?

yes, KISS w/ Gene Simmons is still on tour this summer. Occasionally the band takes breaks from touring.

Who from kiss did kristi lee date?

Gene Simmons

What was gene simmons band name?


Is Gene Simmons from KISS Jewish?

Yes, he is.

Who was the founder of the band kiss?

Gene Simmons

What is Gene Simmons Nickname From Kiss?

The Demon

Was gene simmons in tonight's DWTS perfomance by kiss?


What did Gene Simmons play in kiss?

The lead singer.

Who from kiss has gone out with Diana ross?

Gene Simmons

Which kiss band member with the tongue?

Gene Simmons

Which Kiss member has the famous tongue?

Gene Simmons.