Is Gaara ticklish

Updated: 8/31/2023
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Yes, it was shown in a DBZ episode.

Everybodyz is ticklish....

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he like emo so probably not...

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no wth

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Q: Is Gaara ticklish
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Who is stonger Gaara or Mewtwo?


When was Gaara created?

Gaara was created in 2000.

Who is stronger garra or Shikamaru?

Ninjutsu: Gaara Taijutsu: same Genjutsu: gaara smartness: shikamaru speed: gaara stamina: gaara So basically Gaara would thrash shikamaru in a fight.

What is Gaara's surname Not Sabaku no Gaara?

It is unknown. Sabaku no Gaara is his only name we know of. His surname isn't revealed. I don't think Gaara has another name besides Sabaku No Gaara but that's just my opinion. Yes, Gaara has no last name. Neither does Kankuro or Temari, seeing as they are brothers and sister. I do not believe TenTen has a last name either. Gaara only goes by Sabaku no Gaara, meaning Gaara of the Desert or Gaara of the Sand. Many people (now) call him Gaara-sama when he is Kazekage.

What is the best with Gaara in Naruto arena?

Team 7: Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto, and Haruno Sakura. Hatake Kakashi is the sensei. Team 8: Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba (Akamaru), and Hyuuga Hinata. Yuhi Kurenai is the sensei. Team 10: Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji, and Yamanaka Ino. Sarutobi Asuma is the sensei. Team Unknown Number: Hyuuga Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten. Might Guy is the sensei. Sand Team: Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari. Baki is the sensei. Uchiha Sasuke has Sharingan. In his past, his brother, Itachi, kills his whole clan but only leaves him alive. So Sasuke's goal is to kill Itachi, and gain more power, so he won't have the same strength as Uzumaki Naruto. Naruto is his best friend, but Itachi told Sasuke to kill his best friend in life so you could gain more power and become more powerful since Itachi killed his best friend. At the end of season five part one Naruto, Sasuke leaves with four others to gain a lot of power, so the four others were preparing to take him to Orochimaru, an evil guy who wants Sasuke's body. In season two in the third Chuuin exam, Sasuke versed this guy named Yoroi, and he won. But shortly after winning, Hatake Kakashi made him come in the back room with him because earlier, Orochimaru put a bruise/mark on him, so Kakashi needed to handle that problem. In the fourth Chuuin exam, Sasuke had to verse Gaara of the Desert. All Konoha Genins were very suspicious and frightened of him. Unfortunately, Sasuke's match with Gaara was unfinished, and there was never a clear winner from that match. Uzumaki Naruto is the main character of Naruto. He also has a crush on Haruno Sakura. When Naruto was a baby, a monster, called the Nine-Tailed Fox, went inside of him, and killed his parents. Being a Genin, Naruto started making a new friendship with Uchiha Sasuke. At the end, they ended up being best friends, but Sasuke had other plans, like revenge. In the third Chuuin exam, Naruto versed Inuzuka Kiba and his Dog, Akamaru. Every Genin thought that Kiba was lucky because they thought Naruto wasn't any good, but they turned out wrong because Naruto beat Kiba. In the fourth Chuuin exam, it was even harder for Naruto because he had to verse last year's number one rookie, Hyuuga Neji. Naruto had only one month to practice. In that one month, Jiraiya trained him and taught him how to use his Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra. In the fourth Chuuin exam, every Genin was wondering why his chakra was red, and all of the adults was surprised that Naruto learned how to control the Nine-Tailed Fox's chakra. In the end, it turns out that Naruto beat Neji. Everyone was SO surprised. Also, Jiraiya taught him the trick, Rasengan. Haruno Sakura has a crush on Uchiha Sasuke, and she is competing with Yamanaka Ino on that crush. When Sakura was a little girl, Ino was her best friend, since everyone made fun of her and called her 'forehead girl'. When Ino and her got older, Sakura ended their friendship, and made them rivals because they both had a crush on Sasuke. In the third Chuuin exam, Sakura had Ino as an opponent. Both were shocked. After the fight, it turned out no one won and that both of them would not make it to the fourth Chuuin exam. Although they both didn't make it, they showed up in the crowd to watch it. During the game, Ino told Sakura that her team was amazing since Sasuke beat Yoroi, and Uzumaki Naruto beat Hyuuga Neji. When Tsunade became Hokage, Sakura asked her if she could train her how to be a medical ninja. After Tsunade's training, Sakura worked very well in missions, healing people. Before becoming a medical ninja, she found herself useless, helpless, and relying on others to protect her in missions. That's when she came to Tsunade for training. When Konoha was helping the sand village, Sakura was a huge help in healing people.

Does Gaara hate matsuri?

No, Gaara does not hate Matsuri. Why? because Matsuri is gaara's student! of course, gaara kinda thinks matsuri can be anoyying ( sometimes .)

Where is Gaara's mother?

She died after having Gaara-kun.

Does Gaara kill temari?

No, Gaara does not kill Temari.

When is it Gaara's birthday?

Gaara's Birthday is January 19th ^^

Does Gaara have a last name?

No, Gaara does not have a last name.

What is Gaara's favorite food?

gaara Love's his cookies

What happens to Gaara?

Gaara died after having his Shikoku sucked out of him. After Naruto and the others retrived Gaara, Lady Chiyo then revived gaara. It is unknown if gaara still has the same skill as when he had the Shikoku. But it will soon be found out what his skills are after he is revived.