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Definitely in West Sussex. Fernhust is several miles south of the Surrey Sussex border.

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Q: Is Fernhurst in Surrey or West Sussex?
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What is the highest point in west sussex?

Blackdown near to Fernhurst

What are five counties in england?

Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey.

Where is East Sussex?

Lewes is the county town of East Sussex.

What 5 county's border Hampshire England?

West Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire.

Where does peter Andre live?

Peter Andre lives in Surrey, England As of 2010 Peter Andre lives in East Grinstead, West Sussex

What is Fernhurst's population?

Fernhurst's population is 2,765.

How many towns in the County of Surrey in England?

I have a list of thirty, but am not sure that the list is complete.

What has the author Arthur George Sadler written?

Arthur George Sadler has written: 'The lost monumental brasses of West Sussex' 'The indents of lost monumental brasses in Surrey & Sussex' 'The lost monumental brasses of East Sussex' -- subject(s): Brasses, Indents

What is the area of Fernhurst?

The area of Fernhurst is 23.37 square kilometers.

Which part of London can crawley be found?

If you are refering to Crawley, Sussex, you are way off. Although it is not a part of London, it was built for a settlement to ease congestion in London, I believe. It is many miles North of Brighton, South of Horley in Surrey, North-east of Horsham. It is also just south of London Gatwick Airport, on the Surrey-West Sussex Border but on the Sussex Side. I hope my answer has helped you slightly. Good Luck.

When was Fernhurst Junior School built?

Fernhurst Primary School was built in the 1960's

Where is West Sussex?

West Sussex is in south-east England. West Sussex has been an official county since 1889 and has two major towns Worthing and Crawley. West Sussex' county town is the small Cathedral City of Chichester and West Sussex has London's second airport - Gatwick