Is Eric Lowen still alive

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The reason why you are unable to find anything about Eric Lowen's death is, he is still alive as of 4 February 2011! You can find him accepting friendships on Facebook everyday and making comments. He just celebrated his kids birthday in the middle of January 2011. I myself have spoke to him in the last week. Dan Navarro is touring on his own and yes he does continue to play Lowen & Navarro music during his shows, along with his own material. Eric was diagnosed with ALS on March 17th 2004.

No, he died last year. I cannot find any info with a goog search but I read the following in an email from a club they played quite often ;

"....At the core of their creative partnership is the fact that Lowen & Navarro were great friends - some might say "brothers" - as well as business comrades. So when Eric Lowen passed away last year Dan determined to keep their music alive to honor the passion they shared for so long. With considerable courage, he returns to the stage a solo performer continuing to create songs of insight and experience, delivered straight up with honesty, passion and grace."

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Q: Is Eric Lowen still alive
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