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Brooks Brothers is the iconic clothing store that has outfitted generations of families, corporate men & women, political leaders, Hollywood legends, sports greats & military heroes with their unique combination of singular quality, superior service.

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Q: Is Darin brooks and Phil brooks brothers?
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When was Darin Brooks born?

Darin Brooks was born on May 27, 1984, in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

What is the birth name of Deanna Brooks?

Darin Brooks's birth name is Darin Lee Brooks.

Is Darin Brooks dating Shelley Henning?

I'm pretty sure their just a couple on tv ... Darin is denying all reports

Is Darin Brooks dating Shelley Hennig?

Darin Brooks is not dating anyone right now. Also, he never Dated Ashley Benson. They are just good friends and he's like a big brother to her.

How old is Derrick Brooks?

Darin Brooks is 33 years old (birthdate May 27, 1984).

Does Darin brooks have any kids?

no he doesn´t, not yet anyway :D

Who is Phil brooks?

CM Punk

Who is Darin brooks?

I sure hope it's Shelley Henning. They are sure good together on screen.

What was Gwendolyn Brooks brothers name?

Ramond Brooks

Where did inventor Phil brooks live?

in a house

Who is Darin Brooks dating?

I sure hope it's Shelley Henning. They are sure good together on screen.

Is brooks brothers the same company as brooks uniform company?

No. Brooks Brothers and the Brooks Uniform Company are two different, unaffiliated companies. The two are often confused because Brooks Brothers has made uniforms for the military since the Spanish-American War.