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Dan comments on seddie is more frequent and show allot of time through his points. so he is more likelier a seddie shipper and due that seddie is more popular it will happen in future episode otherwise the show will lose 80% of its ratings.

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Q: Is Dan Schneider a Seddie or Creddie Shipper?
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Are Carly and Freddie dating in season 6?

yes cause dan said for the creddie girls no seddie this season sorry seddie girls it was what dan said on twitter my friend skylar looked it up and she found it out most of my friends like maria like creddie lily is a seddie girl but she is still my friend she is ok with creddie dating in this season she likes creddie a little just like i like alex a little bit so thats it

Is Seddie going to appen in the end of season four?

Nobody knows! But Dan Schneider said that the whole Seddie thing will be resolved in not one episode but the whole season! Yay!

Will there ever be seddie?

One can hope. Dan himself hints towards Seddie a lot in his iCarly funfacts. You should really check them out at Danwarp.blogspot.c om I think there will be Seddie. After Isaved your life, we know that the Creddie relationship isn't very plausible right now. So what does that leave? SEDDIE! Well, aside from Fencer (Freddie and Spencer,) but heck, its a kid's show. We can only wait and see if their will be Seddie in the show. Cross your fingers....

Seddie on iCarly on season 4?

yes, in season 4 hopefully seddie will happen even maybe a kiss :D haha but creddie needs to happen before seddie and Freddie will realise that he likes sam. 1000000% sure seddie will happen. response: Yeah, maybe. But I think Creddie already happened (iSaved your Life). So, actually, Seddie has to happen in a near future :) Hopefully ... Maav P.S.: SEDDIE WARRIOR 4EV !!!!! Response Yeah Seddie is definutley nearly there, because in iquit icarly when Carly falls off the window washer Freddie isn't that bothered but when sam falls off it Freddie screams and then helps her out the window instead of Carly :) x SEDDIE FOREVER!! x StrawwBerry Note: Well.... SEDDIE SHALL HAPPEN!!! =3 ----- Dan said himself seddie will happen in iParty With Victorious

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