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"Curly Sue" (1991) is rated PG.

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Q: Is Curly sue a good movie for kids?
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What is last movie that John Hughes directed?

Curly Sue Curly Sue

What is the duration of Curly Sue?

The duration of Curly Sue is 1.68 hours.

When was Curly Sue created?

Curly Sue was created on 1991-10-25.

As of 2008 what is last movie that John Hughes directed?

Curly Sue Curly Sue is a 1991 comedy film starring James Belushi, Alisan Porter and Kelly Lynch. The film was written and directed by John Hughes (as of 2008, this is the last film he has directed).

Did Nikki Blonsky star with Jim Belushi in a movie when she was younger They were both con artist.?

No she did not. Alisan Porter played Curly Sue

Who is tesio on curly sue?

Steve carell

When was Curly Sue - song - created?

The film Curly Sue was released on October 25, 1991. The film was Written and Directed by John Hughes and stars James Belushi, Kelly Lynch and Alisan Porter.

What is the name of the movie about a little girl who can spell hard words but can't spell words like cat and she lives with her father who is homeless?

I have been looking for this movie as well! I just found it - it's called Curly Sue!

Steve Carell made his feature film debut in which 90s film?

Curly Sue

Can kids sue people?

No. They can only get their guardian to sue the other person for them.

What is the name of the movie where a little girl says 'I know he loves me because he lets me eat first'?

Interview With The Vampire (1994). I am not sure if the answer above is correct, but I am sure the line does appear in the 1991 Jim Belushi Film "Curly Sue".

Sisters ex boyfriend is trying to sue her He lived with her in her home and they split up he thinks he can sue her?

He cant sue her unless they had kids then that's different STUPID???!!!