Is Christine Devine black

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Actually, Christine Devine is Brazilian/American.

Her birth mother, Karen Seufert, is from Hamburg, New York, and served in the Peace Corps as a nurse in Rio de Janeiro in the early 1960's.

Her (un-named) birth father is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Christine was born in Hamburg and raised in Arizona.

When her mom married Jack Devine, she was adopted by him.

Christine has a sister. Her parents adopted a boy (who has passed), and took in 5 foster children-Vietnamese refugees.

In 1992, Christine Devine became Channel 11's second black weeknight anchor when she was promoted from the weekend anchor post. The relative lack of fanfare resulted because, although viewers could see that Devine is not white, many people (including some blacks) were unaware of Devine's black background.

Her Caucasian mother worked in the Peace Corps in Brazil and had a relationship with a black Brazilian man, who Devine declined to name. "I was conceived in Brazil and born in upstate New York," the FOX 11 anchorwoman said. "I was told that (my biological father) looked like the soccer star, Pele."

The Afro-Brazilian anchorwoman is well-known for her "Wednesday's Child" segments on the FOX 11 Evening News at 10 where she spotlights foster children looking to be adopted.

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Q: Is Christine Devine black
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