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i thinkk shees African American whu cares lol his so sexyy

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Q: Is Chris Brown mom white or African American?
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What is Chris Brown's ethnic backround?

Chris Brown's father is African American and his mother is mixed with African American and white.

Is Chris Brown hispanic?

No.He might look hispanic but hes not hes an african american

What is Chris Brown's ethnic background?

He is African American. His mother is mixed and his father is Black.

What race is Chris Brown race?

I believe he is mixed just cause you belive he is mixed don't mean that he is cause he ain't mixed the way you thinking his mom is mixed with white and black and his dad is light skined brown . REAL ANSWER: Urrrm Chris brown's dad is actually dark. and his mum is believed to be mixed race but chris brown is mixed race! (: The actually answer: His father is African American, No one knows his mothers race.

Does Chris Brown have jamaican parents?

Birth Name:Christopher Maurice BrownBirth Place:Tappahannock, Virginia, United StatesDate of Birth:May 5, 1989What Race or Ethnicity:African American, half mix

Did Chris Brown have a baby for a white lady?

No, Chris Brown does not have a baby with a white lady.

What was Portia White's Eye Color?

Being she was African-American, probably brown.

Who was Chris Brown's choreagrapher for gimmie that?

Erik White/Chris Brown

Is Chris Brown black or white?

Chris brown is full black he's just lighter.

Who was Houston's first African American mayor?

Lee P Brown the predecessor of Bill White

What is Chris Brown mom mixed with?

Chris Brown's mom is mixed with black and white.

Do African American women prefer chocolate diamonds?

No. They like white diamonds because white matches more outfits than brown.