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Men do not have an alto voice since that would be referred to a countertenor (a man who uses predominantly falsetto, naturally tenors (or even some baritones)). Chris Brown would have a tenor voice since he predominantly sing comfortably around D4-A4 which is the typical comfort zone for tenors. He is definitely not a countertenor either where falsetto is applied. Falsetto would normally sound nasal and brighter than a typical tenor.

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Men cannot be altos or sopranos as those terms are used specifically for women. Some younger boys before puberty can be altos/sopranos, but not grown men. Men are either bass (lowest - rare - think a little higher than tuba), baritones (most common), tenor (higher than baritone), or countertenor (highest, very rare - think Kurt from glee).

Chris Brown is a baritone.

Drake is probably more of a bass than a Bari.

Usher is a baritone.

Justin Timberlake is a tenor.

Chris Colfer is a countertenor.

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I'm really not sure, but he seems like more of an alto to me. But he could be a soprano if he wanted. :]

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Q: Is Chris Brown a alto or tenor voice?
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