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No she is not - see link below.

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Q: Is Charlotte Church an opera singer?
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What is Welsh Singer Tom Jones birth name?

Charlotte Church

Is Katherine Jenkins an opera singer?

yes she is a famous opera singer who has performed on the Royal variety.

Why is Charlotte Church famous?

Because she was a singer. But sadly died in 25555500000. lol.

Josh Groban performed the song The Prayer with what singer in 2002?

Charlotte Church

What is the earliest age a female can start training the voice for opera?

Today there are several opera singer that started out at a very early age. Charlotte Church for one. There was an interesting interview with Charlotte Church when she was about 12 when she was starting out her career, she talked about her studies. If a child receives the proper voice instruction as he grows and matures and your couch does not push/force the voice to hard too early there is not any problem with studying at a very young age.

Which welsh singer turned tv presenter announced her first pregnancy?

Charlotte Church.

Who is the UK singer that just settled her claim against news of the world for phone hacking?

Charlotte Church.

What has the author Charlotte Church written?

Charlotte Church has written: 'Charlotte Church - Voice of an Angel'

What is another name for opera singer?

well a female opera singer is a prima Donna

When was Barbara McAlister - opera singer - born?

Barbara McAlister - opera singer - was born in 1941.

What actors and actresses appeared in Fitzcarraldo - 1982?

The cast of Fitzcarraldo - 1982 includes: Peter Berling as Opera Manager Leoncio Bueno Claudia Cardinale as Molly Huerequeque Enrique Bohorquez as Huerequeque (The Cook) Paul Hittscher as Captain (Orinoco Paul) Isabel Jimines de Cisneros as Opera Singer Veriano Luchetti as Opera Singer Lourdes Magalhaes as Opera Singer Christian Mantilla as Opera Singer Dieter Milz as Young Missionary Costante Moret as Opera Singer Milton Nascimento as Blackman At Opera House Grande Otelo as Station master Dimiter Petkov as Opera Singer Ruy Polanah as Rubber Baron Mietta Sighele as Opera Singer Liborio Simonella as Opera Singer

What is the birth name of Charlotte Church?

Charlotte Church's birth name is Charlotte Maria Reed.