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Q: Is Charlie Pickering Larry Pickering's son?
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Where are the Pickering Lumber Company archives located?

Try the Purdue Libraries at the Hicks Undergraduate Library stacks for reports from 1938-1961. They were originally headquartered out of Kansas City, Missouri, though the family came from Louisiana. Good luck. I am a great granddaughter of the Pickering family, no the family was NOT from Louisiana. They purchased land in LA for the lumber and did have a huge operation in that state among others. Our family comes from MO in fact William Russell Pickering, the founder, was born in St. Louis county, MO. At ten years of age he moved with his family to Waynesville, MO. His father Alfred Pickering came to the US from England and eventually became a judge in Crocker MO. during the War Between The States. The family home, an Italianate mansion is in the historical district of Janssen Place in Kansas City MO it has been restored to it's former glory. 73,000 acres of the Sabine National Forest in TX is comprised of Pickering land. 6.06.09 I am the great grandson of the Pickering family (Geoff Pickering), son of Lee Irving Pickering, son of Russell Cravens Pickering, son of William Russell Pickering, son of Alfred. Almost everything the above person said is true with the exception of the restoration of the Janssen house. It is getting close to complete; however, the restoration has been put on hold as the two men that own the house have run out of funds to finish the job. My father Lee Pickering recently passed away on 4.27.09 however he kept a great deal of records on the history of our family (specifically news articles and photos and old Pickering lumber money). If you are interested in talking you may respond to this note and I will be alerted.