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yes is she still alive or not

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Q: Is Cathy burge James Maslow's mom?
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Who is James Maslow mom?

A woman named jenny Carson is his real mom, but his parents are divorced. i know for a fact, because she did an interview confirming it 2 months ago Jenny Carson is not James Maslows mom. His mom is Cathy Burge like he said on the new BTR album. He put under his thank yous Cathy Burge(mom). Plus I know her soo ya.

What is James Maslow's parents name?

James Maslow's parents' names are Mike Maslow and Cathy Burge.

Are James Maslows parents divorced?

mike maslow and...? i dont know his mom

Does James maslow's mom died?

James David Maslow is an American actor, singer-songwriter, dancer and model. He is known for playing the role of James Diamond on Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush and is a member of the boy music group with the same name. His mother Cathy Burge and there is no record of her being deceased.

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Who is James Maslow married to?

Her name is Alison Thom. where: says in the last page of the first BTR album lyric sheet. how do i find it: flip to the back, open it up, where it says Big Time Thanks, look for James Maslow, read from there. her name is listed along with his mom Cathy Burge, Mike Maslow, and Phil Maslow

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