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No....Heart is always sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson, plus assorted others.

Carnie has never been in the group, nor is she related to them.

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Q: Is Carnie Wilson the lead singer of Heart?
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Lead singer of the Band Heart?

Ann Wilson

Who sang in the group heart?

Ann Wilson is the lead singer. Her sister, Nancy, also sings and plays guitar.

Who was the lead singer in a band called heart in the 80y's?

If we're talking about the same Heart, they've been around since the mid-seventies and are still performing. Sisters Ann (lead) and Nancy Wilson.

Who was the lead singer of Mondo Rock?

Ross Wilson

Who is the lead singer of the rock band heart?

There were 2 Singers in Heart. They are the Wilson Sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson

How old are the lead singers of Heart?

The lead singers of the band Heart are Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson. Ann Wilson was born on June 19, 1950. Nancy Wilson was born a few years later on March 16, 1954.

Who was The Heart Breakers lead singer?

Tom Petty

Who is the lead singer of the young heart band?

Zach Bible

What is the occupation of Carl Wilson?

Carl Wilson was an American rock and roll singer, composer, and guitarist. Carl Wilson is best known for being a founding member, occasional lead vocalist, and lead guitarist of the band The Beach Boys.

Lead singer af a thorn for every heart?

Kelvin Cruz was the lead singer. Jeff Harber (guitar) also sang, as the band's songs featured lots of dual vocals.

Why couldn't woman be lead vocalists in the rock and roll world?

Ah, but they can, and sometimes, do. For example, Ann Wilson of Heart.

Is led zeppelin lead singer mairried?

Robert Plant is not currently married but he was married to Maureen Wilson from November 1968 to August 1983.