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No Bryan is Hispanic. He stated it in an interview and honestly if you look at him closely you don't really see Asian.

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peruvian (if I spelled it right)

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Q: Is Bryan Monte money from escape the fate Asian?
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Who is Asian dude in escape the fate?

Bryan 'Monte' Money

Bryan Monte Money?

is the guitarist for Escape the Fate.

Is Monte Bryan money Asian?

No... He told me he's spanish

How old is Bryan Monte Money from escape the fate?

He is 22.

Who is the youngest person in escape the fate?

Bryan Monte Money

Did Bryan Monte money quit escape the fate?

No, he is still with the group.

Is Bryan Monte Money from Escape The Fate Single?

No. His gfs name is baothy

Is Bryan Monte money from escape the fate a girl or boy?

Androgynous appearance aside, Monte (Bryan) is a guy. This is immediately apparent from his speaking voice.

What is Bryan Money's middle name?

from Escape the Fate? actually, Bryan is his middle name. his full birth name is Monte Bryan Money Jr. but he goes by Bryan a lot

When was Bryan Monte money of Escape the Fate born?

Bryan Monte Money was born October 27, 1986 in Las Vegas, NV. (Confusion results from his celebration of his birthday on November 2, 2010.)

Is there a girl in the band escape the fate?

No. But people commonly confuse guitarist Bryan Monte Money as one.

Who founded escape the fate?

Bryan Monte Money did. He found Omar, and Max. And from there they found Ronnie and Robert.