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Many people would say it was most famous next to the West End in London. But Broadway and West End are collections of theaters, not just one. The most famous would probably be the Globe Theatre that originally produced Shakespeare's plays.

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Q: Is Broadway theater the most famous theater ever?
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Where is the Broadway theater district?

I turly dont know but im going with BroadWay i belive it is located in NY Please correct me if i am wrong

What is Orpheum most famous for?

Orpheum is a theater in Memphis, Tennessee, which is most famous for its historic moments (Judy Garland's 1933 Vaudeville performance, a filming of american idol), in addition to its already venerable run of performances of famous off-Broadway plays and musicals.

What is the most famous theater in Hollywood?

The Chinese theater

What is the most famous play in theatre?

The Phantom of the Opera. On Broadway.

Who is the most famous Broadway actor?

That is a matter of opinion, and of time period.

What moive is Nellie McKay most famous for in her career?

Nellie McKay is more famous for her songwriting and her Broadway debut performance in the Three Penny Opera. But the movie she is most famous for would have to be "P.S. I Love You," as it came out one year after her Broadway debut.

What was Broadways first act?

Broadway's first act was the opening of the Park Theater on October 16, 1798. This was the first public theater on Broadway, located on the southeast corner of Park Row and Nassau Street. It was followed by several other theaters, including the Bowery Theatre, the Astor Opera House, and Niblo's Garden. These early theaters set the stage for the Golden Age of Broadway, which began in the late 1880s and lasted until the 1930s. During this period, plays and musicals were performed at the city's many theaters, including the famous Shubert, Imperial, and Lyceum theaters.Some of the most iconic Broadway productions from this period include: The Phantom of the Opera (1910) Show Boat (1927) Oklahoma! (1943) My Fair Lady (1956) A Chorus Line (1975) Les Miserables (1987) The Lion King (1997) Wicked (2003)Broadway has since become the pinnacle of theater in the United States, and has helped to shape the modern theater industry. Its first act was the opening of the Park Theater in 1798, which laid the groundwork for a Golden Age of Broadway that would revolutionize theater.

Why is the globe theatre famous?

The Globe Theater is famous because it used to host most of the premieres of the plays from William Shakespeare. The Globe Theater was opened in London in 1599.

What is Megan Hilty most famous for?

Megan Hilty is an actress and singer who resides in the USA. She is most famous for her role in the musical "Wicked" and her extensive work on Broadway.

What is the most famous painting ever?

The most famous painting ever is the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci.

What was Piet Mondrian's most famous painting?

Probably Broadway Boogie-Woogie, painted in 1943.

How did Florence Henderson become famous?

Florence Henderson is most widely recognized as Carol Brady from the TV show "The Brady Bunch". This TV show was run from 1969 - 1974. She did theater and Broadway prior to The Brady Bunch, but it was that role that made her a household name.