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What band does Billy Ray Cyrus's son play in

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2012-06-30 23:16:48
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Q: Is Billy Ray Cyrus have a son who is in a band?
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Does billy ray Cyrus have a secret son?

kinda he has a son its not really a secret son christopher

Who is Christopher Cyrus?

Christopher is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus and his former girlfriend, who worked as a waitress at the time. They broke up and Billy Ray started seeing Tish. A few months later he found out that both women were pregnant with his child at the same time. Christopher Cody Cyrus was born to Billy Ray Cyrus and his ex-girlfriend on April 8, 1992. Destiny Hope (now Miley Ray) Cyrus was born to Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia Finley (whom he married shortly thereafter) on November 23, 1992. Christopher and Miley are 7 months and 15 days apart in age.

Does Billy Ray Cyrus have an illegitimate child?

Actually, yes, he reportedly has two illegitimate children and Miley is one of them. During a 2004 interview with ABC News: Primetime, Billy Ray Cyrus, himself, admitted that his daughter Miley (conceived with Tish Cyrus, née Finley) and his son Christopher (conceived with Kristin Luckey) were both born in 1992, at which time Billy was not married to Tish yet, so that means that both Miley and Christopher are illegitimate children of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Who are billy rays children?

The Cyrus soap opera timeline: May 1987: Tish Cyrus (then Leticia Finley), 19, gives birth to a daughter after a fling with a local drummer. (Billy Ray later adopted her). Brandi is now a guitarist in her sister's band. Nov 1988: Billy Ray (married to first wife Cindy) begins a four year affair with Kari Reeves. Feb 1989: Tish gives birth to son, Trace. Her boyfriend moves in with her family and wants to marry Tish. Tish's mother is raising Tish's two children while Tish continues to party and follow various musicians around. Boyfriend moves out and has not seen his son in 10 years. Trace is now a musician. Jun 1991: Billy Ray and Cindy separate. They divorce in Nov 1991. Jul 1991: 22yo waitress, Kristen Luckey becomes pregnant with Billy Ray's son, Christopher. He refuses to admit paternity until a blood test proved that he was. Feb 1992: Tish becomes pregnant by Billy Ray, who she met at a club in fall 1991. She is still living the life of a groupie. Nov 1992: Tish gives birth to Destiny Hope who later legally changes her name to Miley. Aug 1993: One year after Billy Ray's big hit, "Achy Breaky Heart," Tish is pregnant with Billy Ray's son, Braison. He is born in May 1994. Dec 1993: Tish and Billy Ray marry because his father, Kentucky State rep Ron Cyrus thinks it's about time. Jan 2000: Tish gives birth to daughter, Noah.

Did Billy Ray Cyrus have a child by a woman in fairmont west Virginia?

No. His kids are: Miley,Brasion,Noah,Brandi and Chris

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Who is trey Cyrus?

trey Cyrus is the son of billy ray Cyrus and sister to miley ray Cyrus also is in a band called Metro Station

Is Trace Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus' son?

he was adopted by robby ray

Is briason Cyrus' Billy Ray Cyrus's son?

Yes, All Of Miley Cyrus' Younger Siblings Are Billy's Biological Children.

Does billy ray Cyrus have a secret son?

kinda he has a son its not really a secret son christopher

Who is Billy Ray Cyrus's father?

He is the son of Ruth Ann (née Adkins) and Ron Cyrus, a politician.

Who is Billy Ray Cyrus's father?

He is the son of Ruth Ann (née Adkins) and Ron Cyrus, a politician.

Is the lead singer of metro station billy ray cirus' son?

the lead singer of metro station is infact billy ray cyrus' son and miley's bro

Who is trace from the band Metro Station?

billy ray cyrus's oldest son. No, Trace is Miley Cyrus half brother. and he is the lead singer and vocalist/guitarist along with Mason Musso and they created the band 2 years ago.

Who is Kristen luckey?

She is Christopher Cody Luckey's(aka billy ray cyrus' son) mom.

Braison Cyrus biography?

Braison Cyrus is the brother of Miley. He was born on May 9, 1994, in Nashville, TN, and is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus.

Brandi and Trace Cyrus?

Trace and Brandi Cyrus are brother and sister, they are from Tish Cyrus's side. When Tish married Billy Ray, Billy Ray adopted Trace and Brandy. Billy Ray Cyrus has a son called Christopher Cody around 17 years of age from a prevous relationship. Tish has not adopted Christopher. In fact, their family hardly keeps in contact with Christopher Cody. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus went on to have Miley, then Braison and lastly Noah Cyrus.

Who is Christophor Cyrus?

Billy Ray Cyrus's first son from a previous marriage, Miley Cyrus's half-brother and Trace Cyrus (Metro Station) step-brother.

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